When Science becomes visual

MEDICALart Gallery Through assignments to Husmanns healthcare agency HCP HUSMANN, he developed his Brand MEDICALart. Combining free association with the possibilities of computer-aided picture editing, Hartmut Husmann creates understandable levels of communication. He translates R&D findings and adapts results in relevant CrossChannel-Communication.           

Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz, Kunst- und Kulturjournalistin MEDICAL Journal.pdf 

Communication with the healthcare community

MEDICA and the German Society for Internal Medicine are exhibiting    Hartmut Husmann's MEDICALart at the Medica Education Conference.     There are specific creative reflections on the topics of internal and interventional medicine.

• Created with the knowledge of medical advisers and opinion-makers
• A link between medical sciences and creative marketing
• A tool for a sound and sustainable communication strategy